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We see you as a whole person – not a single issue or diagnosis.

Your wellness is multi-dimensional, which is why we help simplify the journey for you.

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Since opening in 2001, our vision has always been to simplify and integrate your wellness journey.

Our space is designed to care for your spirit, mind, and body – all under one roof. This means less traveling between appointments, improved coordination of care, and more opportunity to discover your best life. Your practitioners are next-door neighbors here, which helps them remain 100% in tune with your well-being during every visit.

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Stefan Ruprecht
15 hours ago

Dr. Georgia Nab is always wonderful to work with: friendly, considerate & VERY highly knowledgeable. She’s brilliant at diagnosing ailments & finding solutions for them. She really does her homework. I simply cannot say enough good things about her! 🙂

Erica Miller
3 days ago

As someone who struggled for 6 years to get pregnant, here is my story. Beware, this is a very long post. The year Mark and I got married (2017), I stopped birth control. I really wasn’t on it long but I wanted to be sure that we wouldn’t get pregnant before we got married. We tried for a year and then went to the doctor for help. My OBGYN took labs. She ordered an ultrasound and diagnosed me with infertility. It was a traumatic day for me because she was about 8 or 9 months pregnant when she diagnosed me. About a month or so later, we had a follow up appointment and she told me my DHEA lab was slightly elevated and I had “a few” cysts on my ovaries. She said that wasn’t abnormal to have a “few”. She then diagnosed me with PCOS. She educated me on ways to help us get pregnant. I checked for ovulations and followed her other advice. We took more labs. I was told my insulin levels were normal and to keep up with the advice my doctor had given me. Later, I went back because I was having pelvic pain and some new symptoms. My doctor told me that she didn’t know why I was having those symptoms. She stated that she could put me on Metformin to hopefully help with all of my symptoms. I told her I would like to hold off on taking Metformin because i also had an issue with hypoglycemia. She also told me I could start some fertility drugs. She said that these things weren’t needed but they might help. I declined at the time, wanting to try things more naturally given most of my labs/test were normal. We took another ultrasound (which was normal) and she ordered the HSG test. This test, I put off for a couple of years because I was scared. I looked it up and it was described as a painful procedure that they didn’t give anything for. I continued with diet, exercise, and the advice I was given. Then nursing school happened and everything kind of got pushed off. I didn’t diet or exercise during this time. I did begin to get new symptoms that included painful and irregular cycles. After school, we started things up again. Mark had labs to do and I had the HSG test. A friend of mine suggested going to see a functional medicine physician. Dr. Georgia Nab at Your Welness Connection, for those of you wondering. I went in and told Dr. Nab everything I had been through. I brought all my labs and tests. Told her everything I was told and told her all of my symptoms. She told me every symptom I had was related to PCOS. I cried and told her I thought I was going crazy. She told me I wasn’t crazy and we would try some things first. We didn’t draw labs like she usually does on the first visit. She educated me, advised taking certain supplements, and also advised a paleo diet. What she did next shocked me. She asked how I was feeling after all of the information she had given me. I had told her I was very overwhelmed. She gave me her email to ask questions if needed. I followed everything to a T for about 3 or 4 months. After that, I did start cheating on my diet a little. I do not recommend this! Stay on your diet! I lost a little over 30 pounds. All of my symptoms either improved or were gone completely. I did go ahead with the HSG test (which was awful). My fallopian tubes were open, so that meant another negative test. Mark went in for his labs. He almost died, he says. 🤣. A week later, we found out we were pregnant. Today, 4/22/24, is my due date. Do I distrust the doctors? To a point, yes, but I also believe in medicine. If I didn’t, then why am I a nurse. I believe that people should know the line between utilizing a functional medicine doctor and modern medicine doctor. During the time I was working with Dr. Nab, I was still seeing my OBGYN. When I began telling people about my journey, I found more and more people struggling with infertility. Now, I educate people. I tell my story over and over again. I have referred so many people to Your Welness Connection and not just for infertility either. I’m so grateful to be able to say that Dr. Nab changed my future and I will keep referring people.

Serri Ward
6 days ago

Dr. Nab adjusts me on monthly basis. I went in early because the last few days I was having trouble with my allergies due to everything blooming, my foot hurt, and i wasn't sleeping well due to an eight day emotional court case. She adjusted my structure, used pressure points to release my emotional trauma (I thought I was going to cry on her table as she released my tension.), then she tested and adjusted my supplements. For years now, I no longer take over-the-counter medications for my allergies. When I got to my vehicle, I felt like a new person. By the time I arrived home, I could walk without any foot pain. In years past, it takes two to three days on my adjusted supplements for my allergies to clear up. Why struggle when a 15 minute visit can help you feel better in so many ways?? You will be pleasantly pleased. Update: Within 24 hours, my allergies have calmed and I went for my run/walk. Spent several hours outside today.

Jackie Jimenez
a week ago

Dr. Nab is very knowledgeable and helps me have hope with my Hashimoto’s diagnosis! Highly recommend seeing her if you are struggling with autoimmune disease!

Jill Beckman
a week ago

I had a wellness consultation by Dr. Robin today. What a great experience. She was thorough, connecting all four quadrants to health. I had a wellness plan within hours after the assessment! Thank you Dr. Robin.

Anita Winter
a week ago

Dr. Kelsey is a great doctor. She has a great sense of what the body needs. Her adjustments are amazing. I highly recommend you come see her.

Dave Pate
a week ago

Dr Sean was informative and empathetic in every way. He was most concerned about my well being and proper treatment to get me back to my healthy self. I'm looking forward to continued treatment and overall pain relief.

We've only started recently with Dr. Nab but she has identified thyroid issues in both my husband and I in addition to a hormone imbalance. I am so grateful because over the last few weeks, I've already noticed significant changes in my husband's depression and energy levels, returning to a more "normal" state. We both also learned that we were taking too many supplements so we are excited to save some money on vitamins we don't actually need. Dr. Nab is direct, easy to understand, very kind, and has a heart for educating her patience so they understand the WHY and WHAT behind health. Thank you!!

Barb Kemmis
3 months ago

Dr Nab is always focused and excellent at balancing listening, treatment, answering questions with thought and honesty, and making suggestions, all clearly in pursuit of complete.healing. She truly cares about her patients, and in combination with her expertise creates the opportunity for powerful healing. She has helped me greatly!

Keith Taylor
5 months ago

Shamayne Tate is a caring and compassionate acupuncturist. She has an amazing ability to determine what the problem is and then treat it accordingly. I look forward to my appointments with her because I know that I will feel better after than before.

Kirby Randolph
5 months ago

Dr. Robin is a highly skilled, empathetic chiropractor. Your Wellness Connection is constantly adapting, improving and adding techniques. I also get acupuncture and cupping done there. The clinicians at YWC have helped me stay balanced, flexible and healthy for over a decade. Their concern for my well-being is sincere.

Kaitlin Davenport
7 months ago

I cannot say enough good things about Your Wellness Connection. The staff is always extremely friendly and professional. Dr. Robin is attentive, thorough and truly cares about your concerns and well-being. I can always count on leaving Your Wellness Connection feeling better than I did when I came in- physically and mentally. The healing work they do here is unmatched. Highly recommend!

Andrew Hill
7 months ago

I love Your Wellness Connection and have been going here for a few years now! I have only been here for acupuncture with Dr. Tate but the facility as a whole seems to have a bunch of terrific doctors with different unique specialties. The facility is always such a relaxing place to visit and never seems like a health facility. The staff has always been super friendly and helpful every time I have been there. As far as acupuncture, Shamayne does an amazing job and I am super thankful to have such a great acupuncturist in the area! I 100% recommend her and love my appointments here!

My appointment with Dr. Victoria was on point! She was equally kind, compassionate and confident. I walked in with significant discomfort and left with significant relief. Thanks, Dr. Victoria and YWC staff!

Alan Welles
2 months ago

Ms. Shamane is the best. She really knows how best to serve you. Shamane asks specific questions and follow up. She also makes certain you understand. I have years of acupuncture and acupressure. No one provides any better in the Kansas City area.

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