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Homepage Survey

Please help us make the YWC landing page a better experience for new clients who are just hearing about us for the first time! Our goal is to help anyone – whether they know a lot or nothing about whole-person care – feel like they understand how to start their journey with us.

Here’s how you can help us:

Visit the current homepage and review the section under “New Here?” – where it lists the most common reasons why people come to YWC. We understand that many of your services cover a vast array of benefits. However, the goal is not to overwhelm new clients by all the options. The goal is to simply get them in our door regarding their biggest need (known to them) and then use that opportunity to introduce them to other services/treatments available. Please note that when they visit your individual service pages, the expansive list of benefits is listed there.

That said, we need your ears to help us make sure we’re hitting those pain points. Please submit your responses by Friday, January 27. We will not be making content changes until our next website review during the summer, so please take this opportunity to participate!

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